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At Marvelous Digital, our passion is embodied in a comprehensive range of digital services. From specification to maintenance of your web solution, we fuse creativity, technology and expertise to sculpt unique experiences aligned with your vision and those of your users.

Adopting a consultative approach, our collaboration is aimed at precisely defining your needs. We carry out audits and draw up specifications. The process, enriched by personas and user tests, promotes a complete understanding for tailor-made solutions.

Strategic advice
In-depth audit
Precise specifications
Targeted personas
Relevant user tests
Collaborative expertise

Needs definition

The user experience guides our work, from the initial design to the technical diagrams. We are committed to developing an intuitive digital journey. Our method aims to make online interaction fluid and engaging, strengthening the bond between your audience and your brand.

Ergonomic trajectory
Strategic wireframes
Precise UML diagrams
Engaging experience
Sustainable connections
Tailor-made approach


From creating a design system to developing your graphic charter, our creative team reinvents your visual identity so that it captures the essence of your brand. We use creativity, innovation and precision as tools to ensure you stand out in the digital world.

Complete Design System
Unique graphic charter
A transformed visual identity
Unrivalled creativity
Artistic innovation
Visual accuracy


At the heart of every digital solution, our agile team turns your ideas into reality, combining front-end and back-end skills. From progressive web application development to e-commerce platforms, we use technologies such as Laravel, VueJS and Strapi to design solutions that meet your objectives. A close partnership guarantees customised projects that combine technical expertise with ease of use.

Front-end and back-end expertise
Stable and advanced technologies
Vision-aligned solutions
Direct collaboration
Tailor-made projects
Combining technical expertise and user-friendliness

Web & Apps Development

Our expertise covers content writing and translation, with a focus on SEO optimisation and SEA activation. Our team excels in the art of enhancing your message, selecting every term to maximise your online presence.

Writing high-impact content
Expert translation
Controlled SEO optimisation
Boosting SEA
Propelled message
Maximum visibility

Content writing and optimization

Optimise the management of your site with our hosting and maintenance on secure Swiss servers.
We guarantee to keep your digital solution up to date, back up your data and provide enhanced security. Our constant dedication to maintaining and optimising your online presence.

Secure Swiss hosting
Rigorous maintenance
Up-to-date solutions
Saved data
Enhanced security
Ongoing commitment

Maintenance & support

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