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We set up a training platform in 4 weeks.


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From Cayan Frey

At first, a will.

When the opportunity to develop the IFHL (Institut de Formation du Haut-Léman) site was presented to us, we immediately grasped the potential of this project.

The request was quite simple: to build a showcase website for the newly created entity to present the trainings that will be available on an e-learning platform, or LMS for Learning Management System.

Okay, it’s simple and seems tangible: we develop a showcase site that will call, via an API, trainings.

Then, questions arise.

So, we prepared an offer (solid as usual) that hit the mark. Indeed, we proposed a plan of action and support worthy of the best bodyguards on this planet. Several phases for more agility, an MVP, iterations, and everything we love in a web project.

We then started the phases of defining the needs. We set up workshops, meetings to clearly define the scope of the project and ensure that all stakeholders are aligned. Our methodology for these phases convinces me more and more as they are close to human issues and quickly dismiss the technical aspects, which can seem barbaric to some and especially change the focus of discussions. We focus on business objectives, on needs, and then we select the technical stack. The discussions can sometimes be hard, but they are necessary for everyone to find their account.

Throughout the meetings, we notice there is a misunderstanding about the real objectives and needs of the future platform. Indeed, LMS, showcase site, user accounts, AD, synchronization, proprietary tool in place that may be used, everything gets mixed up and intertwined. So, we take matters into our own hands and ask to set up discussion workshops to fully understand all the stakes of this site which, in the end, turns out to be not just a showcase.

We thus meet various people, various entities, including the FHVI, and we see that indeed, there are a lot of discussions in parallel for this same project, each with its arguments and wills. The possibilities are multiple, each with its advantages and disadvantages, but a solution is retained.

The problem is that the deadlines are not as short as initially imagined. So, we are in the middle of the summer and have a macro schedule, but a changed need for our showcase site.

Then, action.

Without further ado, our teams get to work. We quickly realize the hierarchy of content and the site as a whole. The technical architecture is set, and then, the real question arises: how are we going to live X months without an LMS?

That's when we come up with the idea, a bit wacky and hot-headed, let's admit, to create a training platform for the IFHL.

The technical architecture takes a hit. We redefine the database elements, we review the wireframes, we adapt the technical stack and voila, the recipe is found: we will set up a Laravel with Filament that will manage user accounts, with features for registering to the platform, creating trainings by the administrators, and registering users for these trainings.

The mock-ups are validated very quickly (we are fans of one-shot at our place hehe) and development can begin very quickly. Tests are conducted, exchanges intensify, the backlog decreases, increases, decreases again, the daily meetings with the client go well, we are in full sprint, really. The good life!

The launch date approaches, we test the last elements, we integrate Biskoui for the management of consents, and the job is done. We have developed in 4 weeks (the month of October, actually), a training platform with course registration for the IFHL. Everything is ready to welcome, in the near future, online courses from an LMS and to synchronize to have a single source of truth easy to maintain for the IFHL.


We have a team of thunder, passionate and true pros whether it's in terms of design, graphics, and development. We have been able to manage this complex project and its changes thanks to our empathy, our understanding of business needs and as a service company, we put all our knowledge at the disposal of our projects and our clients.

A united team that delivers fiery projects, that's what I call a great agency!

Do you have a project you would like to take to the firmament? We are available to discuss it, this way.


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