Maison Gilliard - TikTok Campaign

Enhance the brand's image among young people.


Maison Gilliard, founded in 1885 by Edmond Gilliard, is considered to be one of the oldest wineries in the Valais region and is one of the best known wine producers in Switzerland.

Already well present on social networks, Maison Gilliard aims to launch itself on TikTok in 2021 in order to enhance its young and dynamic image with a rapidly evolving audience.

But how to address this audience, between 16 and 24 years old, which defines the dynamics of this platform?


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The challenge for Maison Gilliard is to promote its wines not only in the canton of Valais, where the brand is already an institution, but throughout French-speaking Switzerland.

Marvelous' mission is to combine Maison Gilliard's objectives with the very specific codes of TikTok, while being careful about communicating for alcoholic products.

Thanks to this platform, Maison Gilliard dares to break the traditional codes of the industry to engage in instant advertising, giving it a confident, current and relaxed image.

The main idea is to create entertaining and relevant video clips to interest TikTok users in the Maison Gilliard brand. By capitalizing on its best-sellers such as the November Gate, we create a strong link with the French-speaking TikTok communities.

For companies, TikTok is the opportunity to conquer the youth but also to:

- Communicate in a spontaneous and inventive way, reflecting a friendly and relaxed image through the trendy codes that the platform offers.

- Engage users through the Tik Tok format: Hashtag challenge that relies on the enthusiasm of user to perform an action to directly tag their video with the hashtag corresponding to the brand's challenge

- Interact with the audience in an even more interactive way by using augmented reality technology, combining the virtual and the real through modified campaigns (Gamified Branded Effect) giving the illusion of a perfect integration to the user

Our approach

In order to offer Maison Gilliard the opportunity to assert its identity to a young and connected audience, Marvelous developed a targeted campaign on TikTok.

Through spontaneous and very natural videos (that's the rule on TikTok!), we create a proximity with the customer. Contrary to what one might think, proximity is not an archaic value.
On the contrary, it is at the heart of customer relationship strategies and represents a real guarantee of quality and authenticity for the brand.

The strategy implemented in collaboration with Maison Gilliard's marketing team aims to link a Challenge campaign through the TikTok platform, with a series of engaging and interactive content, then relayed on Instagram Reels and WhatsApp URLs.


In just 3 months and 8 video publications on TikTok, Maison Gilliard succeeded in developing its reputation by gaining almost a thousand subscribers.

The videos relayed via lnstagram reels have increased the visibility of the campaign, recruited new customers, rejuvenated the brand and ultimately perpetuated the work accomplished.

Discover the campaign on the TikTok account of Maison Gilliard


Piquer les bonnes bouteilles aux parents 😂🙊

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