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One-stop-shop for the health and well-being of our pets.


Animalia SA - a member of the Vaudoise Insurance Group and the leading health insurance company in Switzerland for dogs and cats - was created in 2002 following an observation that may seem rather funny at first glance, but which is completely legitimate: our furry companions, unlike us humans, are not insured at all. Yes, someone had to think about it and come up with the idea!

With a showcase website whose content and overall appearance no longer corresponded neither to their ambitions nor to their state of mind, a shift was taken in 2020 in collaboration with the agency Creatives in order to make the visual identity evolve. Animalia SA also felt the need to modernise its website to match the new brand image while adding essential functionalities not available until then. This was the starting point of a sucessful collaboration with Marvelous.


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The challenge for Animalia was to update its existing website by creating a tailor-made platform that met a very specific need in the insurance industry in terms of functionalities: practical information on the available insurance (premiums calculation, subscription, damage report, invoicing, customer account, etc.) allowing users to find all the services necessary for the well-being of their furry companion.

What are the objectives?

  • Offer personalised recommendations in terms of insurance and food diet adapted to the animal
  • Increase the number of pet insurance subscriptions
  • Automate and centralise the integration of customer data
  • Provide an intuitive experience to improve the customer journey
  • Improve the mobile experience
  • Optimise the natural SEO (Search Engine Optimization) while preserving the SEO of the old website

Our approach

Marvelous' mission was to create an intuitive customer journey that would guide the user from the creation of his account to personalised recommendations in terms of insurance contracts adapted to the animal, but also in terms of food, by proposing the "Abo Gourmand" for example. This monthly subscription consists of the delivery of a healthy food adapted to the needs of the animal. This same user path has also been put in place for the insurance claims in order to better assist customers in their procedures with the insurance company.

In order to evaluate the new functionalities to be implemented as a priority, and starting from the initial needs of the users, our team has created a flexible web solution which allows: on one hand the Animalia team to directly carry out necessary changes of contents, and on the other hand the Marvelous team to add new services and functionalities according to the evolution of the needs.


From design stage and graphic design production to development and maintenance, Marvelous led the launch of the new Animalia website and its new customer area in close collaboration with the Animalia team.

The addition of relevant functionalities allowed us to achieve several results:

  • The implementation of online customer accounts, claim reports and invoicing has enabled the automatic integration and centralisation of customer data, thus saving time in data processing.
  • The creation of customer accounts makes it possible to analyse the user needs and therefore recommend to him the best possible service options according to his animal's profile.
  • The integration of the insurance service has led to a significant increase in pet insurance subscriptions.
  • Thanks to the website structure and the large volume of relevant content available, the user finds more easily the practical information he is looking for.
  • The user is accompanied in his interactions with Animalia and receives personalized recommendations adapted to his needs.
  • The implementation of tools and best-practices has fostered a quality SEO.
  • Thanks to a responsive design, the experience on mobile phones has been improved.
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