Ardentis - Digital Marketing Strategy

Definition and implementation of the digital marketing strategy for Ardentis and regional clinics.


Revolutionizing the practice of dental medicine for the well-being of patients is the vision behind the Swiss Dental Clinics group, which inaugurated its first clinic in Vevey in 1993. In 2008, a consolidation of clinics took place under the name Ardentis, aiming to pool expertise and provide a consistent standard of quality care. The Ardentis group relies on an innovative approach based on comprehensive and multidisciplinary care, bringing together all dental specialties in a single environment. Today, Ardentis owns more than a dozen dental and orthodontic clinics throughout French-speaking Switzerland, and the group has no intention of stopping there. In 2017, as the group lacked a defined digital strategy, there was a need to establish a structured digital presence to support its growth objectives. The Ardentis website and social media presence had not been optimally managed until then, and the website was built on outdated technologies, making it difficult to administer internally. Therefore, Ardentis needed a tool that would enable them to be independent in managing the platform and facilitate business growth. Regarding overall digital communication, the Ardentis group also aims to harmonize its brand image across different digital channels, including paid search and social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This is done with the goal of standing out from the competition and connecting with its community and patients.


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Ardentis approached us to manage their digital presence across social media and Google Ads. The goal was to increase their group's visibility and generate appointments for their various clinics. We supported them in their growth in French-speaking Switzerland with objectives of brand awareness and conversion.

Our approach

Our approach is based on close collaboration with our clients, in this case, dentists, to understand the specificities of their profession and create relevant and high-quality content for social media users. We worked in partnership with the dental clinic group to develop a comprehensive digital strategy that aligned with their business objectives and brand vision. We joined forces with the web team to create a cohesive and globally aligned digital strategy. The main challenge was balancing the highly technical aspect of the dental profession required by the dentists with the more appealing aspect for social media users. It was important to communicate on behalf of the group while also assisting the different clinics in French-speaking Switzerland in achieving their goals. Additionally, countering dental anxiety among users and encouraging them to book appointments was crucial. To overcome these challenges, we worked closely with the dentists to create content that was both informative and engaging for users


By developing a new brand image across various digital channels, primarily social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, our collaboration helped to create a professional and welcoming image of the dentistry industry that reassured potential patients and resonated with the existing client base. Additionally, we assisted in increasing the number of followers on these channels and ultimately generating more appointments

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