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Collecting data to raise awareness among doctors.


Ferring is a biopharmaceutical group specialized in research, committed to helping people build healthy families and live better. Ferring is a leader in the fields of reproductive medicine and maternal health, as well as specialized areas of gastroenterology and urology.

At medical trade fairs where Ferring participates to present its medical advances, the company would collect feedback from doctors about their treatments and medications through paper forms. However, this method had limitations for Ferring and for the doctors: data processing was logistically complex and analysis could only be shared with doctors later. Ferring therefore wanted to make this experience more interactive and attractive for doctors at these fairs.


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In 2017, Ferring company therefore turned to our services to achieve the following goals:

  • Collect data for the client, here the Ferring company.
  • Structure and synthesize the collected data.
  • Transmit, as a comparison, a live result to the doctors who responded to the survey on-site.

From an analysis point of view, digitizing everything with current tools made it possible to quickly have a number of completed questionnaires and almost real-time access to the results.

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Our approach

To immerse ourselves in the subject, which can be complex, our team undertook a series of workshops in direct collaboration with Ferring to understand and develop:

  1. The business issue: how to attract more doctors to the stand and raise awareness of Ferring's products among doctors.
  2. The technical issue: what is nycrutie? What treatments are there? What does Ferring propose, etc.

These workshops allowed us to define the main lines of the questionnaire, but also to question the elements received by Ferring. These modifications also allowed Ferring to perceive the potential for interaction on their stand during major events differently.

The creation of a dynamic and participatory application, offering a real added value to doctors, has transformed simple forms into an exciting experience for doctors. While collecting the maximum amount of data for Ferring, this activity also allowed transmitting to the doctors a status, a point of comparison according to other participants' responses.

The summary of the questionnaire results could be sent to the doctors by email and printed directly on the Ferring stand, allowing for easier and more natural exchanges with the staff on site. Of course, the collected data allowed Ferring to orient its communication strategy around one of its products in the field of urology.

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Between 3 and 4 times more digital questionnaires were answered compared to paper forms, and access to data in the form of Data Studio allowed this project to be a great success.

By using, in 2017, a brand new iPad Pro as a support for this questionnaire, the appeal of the innovative object with a "wow" effect also helped attract more doctors to the Ferring stand during the fair.

Our ability to popularize and energize the subject, our collaborative approach and our willingness to make the questionnaire participatory among doctors were the key factors in the application's success.

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