Trisconi - Successful Transformation of an Existing Website into an Inspiring Online Showcase

How did we bring Trisconi Meubles's vision to life through a new website?


Trisconi Meubles is a Swiss company specialized in creating and selling high-end furniture. They aimed to elevate their online presence to better showcase the added value of their products and craftsmanship. Their existing website no longer met their expectations: it was underperforming, not mobile-friendly, and challenging to update. They approached our agency to help them to develop an online platform that would highlight their 7000m² showroom in Monthey.


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This project's main goal was to design a simple and elegant website that would encourage visitors to explore Trisconi Meubles' showroom. We sought to showcase the quality of the products and the company's craftsmanship through high-quality images while maintaining a simple and elegant aesthetic. Additionally, we aimed to provide a better user experience by optimizing the website for mobile usage and enabling easy content editing.


Through our close collaboration with Trisconi Meubles, we successfully transformed their existing website into an inspiring online showcase, that makes consumers more interested in visiting the showroom in Monthey. The new website smoothly and elegantly, highlights high-quality images that represent the store's atmosphere, product quality, and the company's craftsmanship. By choosing WordPress, we provided Trisconi Meubles with complete freedom to edit their content, emphasize elements with added value for their customers, and pre-established module templates for easy customization. The result is a modern website that delivers a consistent experience, enhancing the perception of Trisconi Meubles' added value.

Mehdi Mele
Digital Project Manager
Georgia Baeni
UI Designer
Audrey Comte
Junior Designer
Gillian Wichert
Junior Designer
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