Ardentis - 360° digital revamp

Develop a strong digital presence while creating an optimal and enjoyable user experience.


Ardentis, the leading dental practice in French-speaking Switzerland, is looking to modernize its online presence. Founded in 1993 in Vevey, the group has expanded to offer a full range of dental services throughout French-speaking Switzerland. However, in 2021, despite its reputation, Ardentis had no defined digital strategy. Its website was becoming obsolete and a neglected presence on social networks had compromised its online visibility and accessibility. The need for a high-performance, secure digital ecosystem with modernized interfaces enabling an intuitive user experience became imperative to support its growth ambitions, stand out from the competition and maintain its commitment to its patients. 


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Ardentis entrusted our agency with a broad but clear mission: to modernize the company's digital identity to better serve its patients and consolidate its market position. To achieve this, we set ourselves several objectives:

  • Digital repositioning:
    Rethink Ardentis' brand image to bring it closer to its core values while remaining attractive to its target audience.
  • Website revamp:
    Make the website more user-friendly and functional, notably by introducing online appointment booking and simplifying the user path. Creation of a design system with the imperatives it implies for sound web development and modern representation of the Ardentis brand. 
  • Content strategy:
    Develop a robust digital strategy for website SEO and social networks, focused on relevant and engaging content to strengthen presence and interaction with their patients.
  • Humanizing communication:
    Humanize digital communication by highlighting the Ardentis teams and their expertise, to establish a bond of trust with potential patients, through personalized photo shoots, set up from start to finish and in parallel with the project.
  • User Experience Optimization (UX/UI):
    Improving the user experience at every point of contact with prospects, from the first click on the website through to booking an appointment and beyond, to reinforce loyalty and satisfaction. Also the design and integration of new features such as dynamic filters for blog posts and employee information, as well as an intuitive form with newsletter integration. Finally, the addition of specific module layouts to enrich the visitor experience.

Our approach

Since 2017, our collaboration with Ardentis has been based on a partnership and iterative approach. Working closely with their digital and marketing teams, we have adopted an agile methodology to ensure progressive and continuous development. Our approach breaks down into several key stages:

  • In-depth analysis: 
    In-depth understanding of Ardentis' needs and their audience's expectations to guide our actions.
  • Iterative development:
    Using the agile method to develop the website and functionality in stages, involving stakeholders throughout the process. We also use task managers to monitor the entire project, keeping the schedule and resources required for development up to date. 
  • User-centered design:
    Absolute priority to the user experience, with design and navigation thought out to meet patients' needs and expectations.
  • Transparent communication:
    Open and regular communication with Ardentis to ensure smooth collaboration and mutual understanding of objectives and progress.


3 Keywords of the project: 

  • Efficiency
    A tool designed to convert potential patients into appointments
  • Performance
    Clean, semantic code with proven tools
  • Autonomy
    Total control over content management by the customer

The redesign of the website was an immediate success, with a significant increase in site-related metrics, but above all in online appointment booking, which was a new feature. In just a few months, Ardentis saw a significant increase in visibility and engagement on social networks, positioning itself as an opinion leader in online dentistry in French-speaking Switzerland. For several years now, we have been working closely with Ardentis on their web infrastructure, a relationship that continues to this day.

Project's team

Cayan Frey
Web & Apps Department Director
Mehdi Mele
Digital Project Manager
Georgia Baeni
UI Designer
Steve Aguet
Fullstack Developer
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