ALIGRO, Resto Club revamp

Dynamic digital experience for optimized partner search.


ALIGRO, as a leader in the Swiss food sector, recognized the strategic importance of its ancillary service, RestoClub, with the aim of strengthening its links with partner restaurateurs and building customer loyalty. However, the existing site had become obsolete and no longer met the objectives set by the entity. Faced with increasing competition and rising user expectations, ALIGRO identified the need for a complete overhaul to remain competitive in the ever-changing market, and to attract more prospects and retain existing customers.


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Our mission was to catalogue restaurateur characteristics, revitalize the user interface, offer a warm, intuitive experience, and simplify the search for restaurateur partners.

Our collaboration with ALIGRO was aimed at achieving several crucial strategic objectives. Firstly, it was imperative to exhaustively list the characteristics of partner restaurateurs, in order to offer customers a diversified and relevant selection. 

At the same time, we committed to refreshing the user interface to make it more attractive and user-friendly, improving the overall user experience. 

In addition, we focused our efforts on creating an intuitive navigation experience, enabling users to efficiently search and filter restaurant partners according to their specific needs. 

Finally, we set ourselves the goal of strengthening users' emotional connection with the ALIGRO brand through an authentic and memorable digital experience.

Our approach

To meet these challenges, our approach was built around three fundamental pillars. Firstly, we carried out an in-depth analysis of user needs and expectations, gathering qualitative and quantitative data to guide our design process. 

Secondly, we established transparent, ongoing communication with the ALIGRO teams, fostering close collaboration and mutual understanding of the project's objectives. Finally, we adopted an agile methodology, enabling us to rapidly develop and iterate functional prototypes, while remaining flexible to changes and feedback from ALIGRO.


The redesign of RestoClub has generated remarkable results for ALIGRO. Post-launch statistics revealed a significant increase in the number of unique visitors to the site, testifying to the renewed appeal of the user experience. In addition, the conversion rate from prospects to customers increased impressively, demonstrating the effectiveness of the new interface in converting users into loyal customers. 

Finally, positive feedback from users and restaurant partners underlined the positive impact of the redesign on ALIGRO's brand image and competitive position in the market.

Team's project

Quentin de Lattre
Head of Gamification
Raphael Baumann
Fullstack Developer
Mehdi Mele
Digital Project Manager
Georgia Baeni
UI Designer
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