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S Performance Recovery, a specialist in physical recovery, approached Marvelous Digital to modernize its digital ecosystem, with the aim of opening a new recovery center in Lausanne-Flon. The brand offers a diverse range of services, creating a technical challenge for our team. The existing booking system was outdated, the website outdated and presented a UX that could be improved, this mix could not effectively adapt to the changing needs of the company and its customers. Faced with this problem, Marvelous Digital designed a progressive web app (PWA) for a simplified and customizable booking experience, in line with the customer's status.


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S Performance Recovery aimed to completely modernize its digital ecosystem to accompany the opening of its new center, focusing on improving the booking system for an optimal customer experience. The agency developed a showcase site clearly presenting the different offers, integrating a blog section and FAQ.
The progressive web app was designed to simplify reservations and customer account management, with customization based on status.

To sum up, here are a few points: 

  • Modernize S Performance Recovery's digital ecosystem to support the inauguration of the new center.
  • Improve the reservation system and workflow for an optimal customer experience.
  • Develop a clear and informative showcase site, including different offer variations.
  • Create a progressive, flexible web app to simplify reservations, online purchasing and customer account management, including gamification.
  • Set up an admin backend for complete and simplified management of appointments, customer data and promotional offers.

Our approach

Our approach focused on a detailed analysis of S Performance Recovery's specific needs, leading to the creation of a comprehensive digital platform. By integrating flexible and customizable booking functionalities, we provided a solution tailored to the evolution of their business. By implementing a content management system for the showcase site, we ensured that information was regularly updated, reinforcing customer engagement.

Our agile approach to the project encompasses several crucial steps:

  • In-depth analysis of S Performance Recovery's specific requirements to identify essential functionalities and draw up a specification.
  • Development of a detailed schedule, emphasizing flexibility and customization.
  • Close collaboration with the S Performance Recovery team to ensure a thorough understanding of needs and expectations.
  • Design with content prioritization, starting with the showcase site, through to the PWA facilitating the customer experience.
  • Creation of a complete graphic charter for both digital and print interfaces (UI).
  • Use of modern, agile technologies to ensure the long-term scalability of the digital ecosystem.


In less than 6 months, Marvelous Digital expanded and revitalized S Performance Recovery's digital ecosystem. The results have been remarkable, with a significant increase in customer accounts, online bookings and high customer satisfaction. The platform's adaptability to the company's changing needs has been commended, marking the successful launch of the new center in Lausanne-Flon. Today, we continue to work proefficiently with our agency, innovating across all solutions to deliver a consistent, unified and forward-looking customer experience.

It was a successful launch for the new center in Lausanne-Flon, supported by a high-performance digital platform.
S Performance Recovery's online presence has grown significantly in the physical recovery and wellness sector.

Finally, after 2 years, the project is going from strength to strength, proposals are flowing in and future expansion is planned.

Conversion rate (PWA)
High customer satisfaction (Google rating)
Increased online appointment booking

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